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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for treatment


The standard treatment costs $75 for a full session.  Your next treatment is $25 off if you refer a friend.  Twenty to thirty minute distant healing sessions are $30.  Discounts are available when you schedule four, six or ten sessions.


Does my health insurance cover costs for Reiki treatment?

Under the Affordable Care Act, if your physician determines that it is a medical necessity and prescribes Reiki, your health plan must cover the cost of treatment.  We will be happy to print or email a bill so that you can apply for reimbursement from your insurance company. 


How do I pay for treatment?


All payments to Reiki Healing Hands must be in cash or a check made out to Catherine or Louis Farrell.  Maybe at some point in the future we'll figure out how to do credit card payments, but don't count on it.


What I should bring to my first appointment?

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a list of things you feel should be addressed during the treatment.  If there is a CD that you would like to hear while on the table, bring it along.  We love to hear new music.


How long does a Reiki treatment take?


Your first appointment will be for approximately 70 minutes, so that we can explain Reiki, discuss any concerns and develop an individual treatment plan.  Subsequent sessions will run 50 minutes for a standard treatment, but may be a bit longer if there is a particular sticky issue being addressed.


If I get Reiki treatment, do I still need Western medicine?


All responsible Reiki practitioners do not advocate substituting Reiki for Western medicine.  Reiki will work in conjunction with your other treatments.  The Reiki method of natural healing will relax you and may make your regular medication and treatment work better.


Do animals benefit from Reiki?


Reiki has been given to animals by many practitioners, for decades. Reiki practitioners agree that animals seem not only to benefit from Reiki treatments, but seem drawn to the energy, often lying still under a practitioner's hands for long periods.  Treatment for pets, including distance treatment, can be arranged.


Are client records kept confidential?


While we will make treatment notes and keep personal information for billing purposes, all client records remain strictly confidential.


What if I have special healing needs?

Appointments can be scheduled  based on your individual needs.  Please call to secure an appointment in your home or in our treatment room in Hatfield.

Call 215-353-8947 or use our contact form to receive healing reiki treatment .  

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